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Энэ мэдээ хуучирсан буюу 2022/11/04-нд нийтлэгдсэн мэдээ болно.

Tollbooths around the capital city digitalized

According to the decree of the Government of Mongolia on measures to digitalize tollbooths, checkpoints for vehicles traveling on international and national highways and road facilities are digitalized. In this regard, it has been decided to digitalize the payment process of the tollbooths at checkpoints around the capital city from November 1. Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar worked at the "Emeelt" checkpoint on November 1.

By introducing a new tollbooth payment system, the traditional payment process of collecting fees from drivers entering and leaving the capital city will be eliminated, the salary costs will be saved, and the time of vehicle crossing the checkpoints will be reduced by 10 times, without creating queues and traffic congestion. The new system has been installed in eight checkpoints in Ulaanbaatar city.

Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar said, "Ulaanbaatar city is working on the creation of an integrated intelligent road transport system to regulate the city's traffic, ensure the integrity and safety of vehicles, and prevent potential risks to the lives and health of citizens. In this regard, the tollbooths have been digitized”.

Director of the Capital City Department of Digital Development and Information Technology O.Chinzorig highlighted that the new devices have been installed in tollbooths at eight checkpoints in the capital city. By digitalizing them, it will be possible to monitor and regulate the traffic".

By digitalizing the operation of the tollbooths around the capital city, the license plate of the vehicles will be recognized, and the payment will be automatically deducted from the smart car system, bank card, and other bank applications. If the driver has not downloaded and installed the application and does not have money in the card account, he or she can register in the vehicle's integrated electronic service system https://smartcar.mn/, create an invoice, and then pay. This will further limit the possibility of vehicles violating the law in traffic in the capital city and create an opportunity to improve control and regulation.


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Энэ мэдээ хуучирсан буюу 2022/11/04-нд нийтлэгдсэн мэдээ болно.
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