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Энэ мэдээ хуучирсан буюу 2022/10/31-нд нийтлэгдсэн мэдээ болно.

D. Sumiyabazar: Digital transition will be implemented with the participation of Mongolian IT engineers

The "Ulaanbaatar digital transition" will be implemented in 2022-2024 in cooperation with 70 national IT companies. Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar gave an interview on the projects to be implemented.

- Could you provide brief information about the outstanding projects to be implemented in the framework of the digital transition?

- Prime Minister of Mongolia L. Oyun-Erdene set the goal of becoming a digital nation within the framework of the "Vision-2050" long-term development policy document. To become a digital nation, the capital city must be digitalized. Technological and scientific achievements are always at the forefront of the capital city. Ulaanbaatar is a large social and economic complex. With the participation of more than 1,000 Mongolian IT engineers, the capital city has entered the first phase of the transition and is preparing for the second phase.

The digital transition is divided into three subgroups: Safe City, Road Transport, and Governance. There are 27 sets of tasks to be implemented by IT companies as a result of bundling complex issues related to Ulaanbaatar city planning, traffic congestion, and the healthy and safe living environment of citizens.

- How much money was budgeted for the digital transition?

-Technology costs are incomparably lower than the mining and infrastructure sector costs. Additionally, jobs and benefits are being created. Digitalization reduces corruption and bureaucracy. Direct and indirect impacts are not measured in money. Digitalization is a catalyst for development, a bridge between the government and community.


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Энэ мэдээ хуучирсан буюу 2022/10/31-нд нийтлэгдсэн мэдээ болно.
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