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Meeting with international organization representatives

The Capital City's Satellite City and Special Economic Zone Development Agency met with representatives of the JCI International Organization in Mongolia, the JCI Gwangju-Hanam Branch of South Korea, investors, and representatives of the Mongol Naadam Complex. This time, representatives from South Korea's JCI Gwangju-Hanam branch organization made a visit to Mongolia's JCI Congress branch organization in the spirit of friendship and cooperation. B. Mendsaikhan, Head of Satellite City and Special Economic Zone Development Agency, M. Otgonbaatar, President of JCI Congress Branch in 2022, Choi Ki Hong, President of JCI Gwangju-Hanam Branch in 2022, and other relevant officials and guests were present at the meeting.

B. Mendsaikhan, the Head of the Agency, thanked the representatives and officials for attending the meeting. In his speech, he expressed that “We will be delighted to work effectively in the future with representatives and investors from South Korea's JCI Gwangju-Hanam branch, referring to their experience of working together and investing in Ulaanbaatar's development projects and programs."

O. Misheel, the Agency's Senior Foreign Relations Officer, provided the guests with a detailed presentation and information about the planned satellite city projects and programs. In addition, a representative from the Mongol Naadam Complex provided information on previous work and future projects.

At the end of the meeting, representatives and investors from the Republic of Korea's JCI Gwangju-Hanam branch stated that they will continue to collaborate on Ulaanbaatar city development projects and programs by sharing knowledge and experience, as well as explore the possibility of collaboration on satellite city projects and programs.


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