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Spring cleaning to be held this month

A regular meeting of the capital city authorities was held on April 1 and led by Governor of the Capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Kh.Nyambaatar. The Mayor gave 45 tasks on previous meeting and the implementation rate was at 78.3 percent.

Tasks were given to conduct research related to transferring lands from schools, kindergartens and health institutions. According to the research, lands from 25 general education schools, 15 kindergartens, and 13 hospitals in the capital have been transferred to other legal entities. Consequently, the Governor’s Office of the Capital City and the Land Management Department of the Capital City have implemented appropriate measures and are actively working to address this issue through legal channels.

The procedure for land vacation based on social necessity was approved by the Government's resolution dated March 6, 2024. Accordingly, 1019 out of 2520 units of land have been vacated.

At the end of the regular meeting of the capital city authorities on April 1, Governor of the Capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Kh.Nyambaatar gave the following tasks:

  • To conduct a comprehensive assessment of damaged roads and sidewalks throughout the capital city and develop and present work plans for repair and improvement.
  • To implement and ensure the implementation of the approved 2024 landscaping work plan. Coordinate with relevant organizations to intensify efforts and collaborate closely with district planning initiatives.
  • As part of the upcoming spring cleaning, engage government and non-government organizations, citizens, and business entities involved in service provision and activities within the capital. Task them with cleaning up to 50 meters of the surrounding area, repairing damaged fences and billboards, and organizing the washing of exterior facades.
  • To conduct a thorough investigation and prepare a report regarding the opening of gymnasiums and other sports facilities within general education schools. This initiative aims to create conducive environments for children, youths, and students to engage in leisure activities and physical exercise.


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