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Энэ мэдээ хуучирсан буюу 2023/09/06-нд нийтлэгдсэн мэдээ болно.

Five public utility works being transferred to the private sector in stages

It is planned to reach 70 percent of public utility works and services to be performed by the private sector this year and 100 percent in 2024. In this context, five works are being transferred to the private sector in stages. Specifically, cleaning, service and waste transportation of roads and streets’ 95, maintenance and protection of green areas’ 99, lighting, maintenance and repair of public roads’ 100, urban landscaping, construction, sidewalk work’s 94, public toilet services’ 84 percent are transferred to the private sector. Three-year contract was signed with enterprises. As a result, the organizations were able to get investment loans, and the conditions for staff to work stably were made.

"Healthy future" campaign to be organized

In order to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality, the Health Department of the Capital city is implementing 20 activities in five areas. For example, it has organized training on comprehensive management of children's diseases and specialization in adolescent health. In addition to organizing events such as discussions based on serious cases of maternal mortality, Youth Cabinets were established in the districts. Preparations are being made for the "Healthy Future" campaign in order to expand training and advertising for teenagers, children and youths to prevent smoking and electronic cigarettes.


Cooperation agreement signed with underwriters to issue Ulaanbaatar city bonds
Access to public transportation to be increased and attention on thorough cleaning and disinfection to be paid
Энэ мэдээ хуучирсан буюу 2023/09/06-нд нийтлэгдсэн мэдээ болно.
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