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Ninety-two million dollar spent annually on landscaping along the Han River

Governor of the capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar is working on an official appointment in the Republic of Korea. In this context, he got acquainted with the construction of the Han River, studied experience and exchanged views on introducing it to the landscaping of the Tuul River.

The Han River stretches for about 40 km through the city and has 11 parks. It is estimated that more than 60 million people visit these parks annually. First, construction work such as the construction of a dam to prevent the river from overflowing began in 1960, but now it has expanded into a major economic, trade, and service area in addition to a place where citizens go for vacation and leisure.

Governor of the capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar:

-Major cities of the world pay attention to the development along the river. Ulaanbaatar also needs to create an economic zone based on Tuul River. Seoul cooperated with the private sector in the construction of the Han River, providing financial support. Ninety-two million dollar is spent annually on landscaping along the Han River. We also have this opportunity. Law and legal framework has been formed. The main problem is how to create a financial scheme and how to organize financial resources. We are working to make financial resources available. In order to ensure the comfort of the citizens of Ulaanbaatar, solutions must be made. Work is being planned in this context.

Construction along the Han River has not had any negative impact on the environment, and environmental impact and water quality studies are conducted regularly.


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