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“Tokyo Declaration 2023” issued

"G-NETS or Global City Network for Sustainability" Forum of Mayors was held in Tokyo, Japan. The leaders of the city shared their experiences and discussed overcoming the problems and challenges facing the world, humanity and cities, and to create a fair and stable society together in the future. Opening a new way for further cooperation, the participants issued a joint statement "Tokyo Declaration 2023" with 18 clauses.

The declaration includes clauses for creating more accessible and safer cities and building sustainable and fair societies. For example, ensuring gender equality and creating a friendly environment for people with disabilities were emphasized. Moreover, the declaration includes initiatives for cities to join to help reduce the damage caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Mayor of Tokyo, Japan, Yuriko Koike:

-Climate change, air, water, soil pollution and waste are common problems we face. "G-NETS" forum was organized with the participation of representatives of more than 30 cities from five continents of the world in order to overcome these problems together and share good experiences and new initiatives. Many of the participants highlighted the problems caused by the pandemic and other problems. Also, the forum showed that all of them are facing similar problems, such as over-concentration of population, aging, declining birth rate, and natural and ecological balance.

Member of the Citizens’ Representative Khural and Executive Director of “Ulaanbaatar City Development Corporation” JSC N.Bayarchimeg said, “The participants of the forum agree that the cities of the world should build a sustainable and accessible society, implement favorable solutions for the citizens and the environment, and support new initiatives in this direction. And the possibility of expanding further cooperation and implementing programs aimed at sports, art, society, and youth development were discussed.”


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