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A tour of Ulaanbaatar's satellite cities and special economic zones was organized, with stops at Nalaikh Industrial and Technological Park, Maidar City, Khushig Valley New Airport, Buyant-Ukhaa, Mongol Naadam Complex, and Emeelt. The trip was successfully organized with the support by the Capital City Governor's Office’s Development Policy and Planning Department, Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Agency, Capital City Land Management Agency, Urban Development Agency, Nalaikh Industrial and Technological Park, Urban Planning and Research Institute, NUBIA LLC, Mongol Naadam Complex, Maidar City, Emeelt Eco Industrial Park, and private sector and and professional organization representatives.

Representatives from relevant organizations briefed all participants on the general and partial plans to build satellite cities and special economic zones as part of the visit. Participants in the visit program learned about the project to construct a satellite city and special economic zone, the actual program locations, and the project phase from relevant persons, and committed to work with relevant organizations.

Furthermore, the research tour was highly beneficial in that representatives from these organizations shared their perspectives, held open discussions, and exchanged ideas, resulting in new potential for public-private partnerships and collaboration.


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